Senior of the Week – Robert Hodge

Bobby Hodge & Melissa Dunbar in London, UK.

Bobby Hodge & Melissa Dunbar in London, UK.


Bobby Hodge

Age: 22

Hometown: Andover, MA

Major: Business with a concentration in Finance

Minor: Economics



Fund Accounting Specialist @ JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Financial Management Program Co-op @ General Electric

Position Management Co-op @ Harvard Management Company


  1. Joining SAA was one of the greatest decisions that I’ve made in my five years at Northeastern. I’ve made some of my best friends in SAA that I’m sure I will keep in touch with after graduation. SAA has provided me with some amazing networking opportunities and I’ve developed a lot professionally through some of the programming that the group puts on (such as the 5U25s and the John Hancock workshops). Attending the CBA 5U25 my middler year actually led to me getting my second co-op at GE, as I learned about the FMP co-op and was able to speak with one of the panelists about the position afterwards. The five minutes of networking after the 5U25 paid off, as it came up in my interview a few weeks later.


  1. Other than any future financial contributions that I’m sure I’ll donate, I’ll hope to be able to attend as many alumni events as possible. This way I will be able to give back to future students, as the current alumni have given back to me.


  1. Favorite SAA event(s) of the past year: Karaoke, Buddy Scavenger Hunt, Ski Trip


  1. Best memory at Northeastern: I’ll never forget the time that I met Melissa, which is one moment from my undergrad years that has had the largest impact on my life. I’ll also never forget the Championship celebrations with the Bruins in 2011 and the Red Sox in 2013. Something that will also stick with me forever is how the community came together after the Marathon Bombings last year.


  1. When I was five, I wanted to be on the Boston Bruins when I grew up


  1. If I had a jet to take me anywhere in the world, my first stop would probably be London. However, with that, I’d likely make some stops at other various locations in Europe, such as Rome, Barcelona, Paris, and Ireland among others. I’d also assume that, given the access to the jet, I somehow came into a large sum of money. With that, I’d be sure to extend my journey at least a few months and spend time in other locations across the globe, such as Dubai, Egypt, and Rio.


  1. Favorite Harry Potter character: It’s a tie between Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna, Fred, George, Neville, Hagrid , Sirius, Professor McGonagall, Dumbledore, Snape, and Dobby


  1. I joined SAA in the fall of my middler year (2011). I spent my first year on the alumni relations committee with Jil. I spent the next two years on the finance committee with Maria (after an unsuccessful attempt at running for the Finance position going into my junior year). I attended district conference all three years that I was in the group.

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