Welcome to the NU Age – Homecoming 2013 (Part 2)

Homecoming week continued with Meet the Court & Husky Decorating on Wednesday.  Meet the Court was obviously a great way to meet the candidates, but perhaps the best part were these adorable husky-themed Georgetown cupcakes!

photo photo-1 photo-2 IMG_3185 IMG_3186

We’re excited to find out who will rule the court after all!  Thursday brought out a ton of husky pride with the Red & Black Fair.  Free Boloco was served!  Which pretty much makes any occasion beyond awesome.  Paws paid a visit, there was face painting and ridiculous pictures.  What more could a college student want?

As the theme for Homecoming this year is ‘Welcome to the NU Age’ we chose to decorate our Husky with a highly modern and technological flair.  The husky was decorated to resemble a circuit, representative of how we are all connected, past, present, and future huskies.  We all need each other to function properly and reach our ultimate goal, just as an actual circuit needs all of its parts in order to light up an object, for example.  Sure do hope it wins so we can continue to reign over homecoming for having the most school spirit!

IMG_3829 IMG_3841 IMG_3839 IMG_3837 IMG_3836 IMG_3834 IMG_3833 IMG_3831

We can’t wait for the homecoming comedian TOMORROW! And hope to see you all there!

Shout-out to Aylin Orhan and Maria Caudle for all the awesome pictures of the events!


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