Homecoming 2013 – Welcome to the NU Age (Part 1)

Homecoming 2013 has started with a bang, as we enter “The NU Age.”  The week kicked off with a community service event, and trivia later that night.  VP of R&R, Adriana Jodoin, attended the event and had quite enjoyed it.  In commentary, she said, “trivia night was really fun because it was really fast-paced.  They only let us answer for about 30 seconds or less.  Tor some of the rounds, they would play a top 40 song and you would have to answer the song during that period.  That made it really fun!  And there were really cool prizes for the top 3 winners.  The first place prize was bean pot tickets, second place prize was a Northeastern sweatshirt blanket, and third place was NEU longsleeved shirts.  BHOP, soda, and candy were served, which was pretty awesome!  The fast pace of it made it highly entertaining.  It made the trivia highly challenging and rewarding.”

Tuesday brought our signature event, Mayor of Huntington Avenue.  The debate was rapid-fire.  Candidates truly showed their hilarious sides, and it will definitely be a tough pick for greek life and GDI’s alike.  Possibly one of the best highlights of the show was a visit from a past mayor, Gene Crepeau, who graduated NEU in 1962.  He reminded students and candidates that being MOHA is truly an honor.  Not only is it an opportunity to leave your mark, but it is a critical chance to connect everyone on campus, and make change, as the mayor represents the liaison between OAR and the student body.  Check out their campaign videos if you need an extra push in any direction.  Don’t forget to vote on myNEU this week!  Voting closes Thursday.


Rachel Basso, BHS’17

Albert Brandano, DMSB’14

Taylor Goldman, DMSB’14

Max Jeshiva, DMSB’14

William Riggs, DMSB’16

Jose Rodrigues, COS/14

Don’t want to miss another event?  You can live stream the entire week using this link: http://neu.orgsync.com/NUview


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