D’Amore McKim School of Business 5 Under 25


Excellent advice and networking opportunities was certainly not in short supply at last week’s first 5 Under 25 of the semester.  The panel included Christopher Wolfel (BSBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, Minor in Emerging Markets ’13, Sales Consultant at Yesware, Inc.), Ronald Landayan, MS in Accounting Candidate, BS in Accounting and Finance, Minor in Economics ’13, Audit Associate Level 2 at Feeley & Driscol, P.C.), Dan Wendt, BS in Finance and Insurance /13, Account Development Manager at Plastiq), Drew D’Agostino (BSBA, Marketing and Interactive Media ’13, Co-founder of CTO of Attendware), and Elena McGinley (BS in International Business with a major in Finance ’13, Financial Reporting Specialist at State Street). 

The moderated Q&A session was lead by Shauna Reynolds, in which the 5 successful young alumni from the D’Amore-McKim College of Business shared their Northeastern experiences and how they obtained their current job positions.

Some excellent advice included:

“Dress for the role you’re seeking.” – Daniel Wendt

“Try not to network just for the sake of networking.  Do it to find people you genuinely get along with.” – Chris Wolfel

“Displaying you don’t have a fear of failure is key to being hired by a start-up.” – Drew D’Agostino

“Maybe you don’t think you want to lead, but get involved and you’ll find out.” – Ron Landayan

Chris Wolfel’s LinkedIn advice: have genuine recommendations from people with influence.  Quality not quantity.

As always, our 5 Under 25 events present excellent sources of the ways of success, along with the tradition of connecting huskies to huskies.  Tradition never graduates!


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