Summer 2013 Update

SAA had another great summer! Thank you to our members that were able to attend our monthly meetings. For everyone else, we can’t wait to welcome you back!

Some major events of the summer included Family Day at Fenway and the National CASE ASAP Conference in New Orleans, LA. Family Day at Fenway was a great volunteer opportunity as well as a treasured alumni event. The weather was beautiful, and our members enjoyed being able to play games and interact with fellow huskies.

Conference was a great opportunity for representatives from our e-board to get to learn about SAA’s from all across the country. E-board members, Melissa Dunbar, Adriana Jodoin, Tiffany Seeber, Maria Claude, and Courtney Cowell were in attendance. The culture of New Orleans mixed with the learning possibilities completed the excellent weekend. The different presentations from various student alumni associations will certainly aid in improving our own structure and events!  Our own presentation on internal communication was particularly well-received, and for that we are humbled.  Proud to be representing Husky Nation so well.

Fall is just around the corner and with that brings the promise of new experiences (and members). We’re excited for another great semester!


(From left to right) Maria Claude, Cortney Cowell, Tiffany Seeber, Adriana Jodoin, Melissa Dunbar, Greg Trudell



Presenting at National Conference

Members: Melissa Dunbar, Bobby Hodge, John Kalliel, Emily Chiasson, Sarah DiCioccio

Family Day at Fenway Park – Northeastern Alumni Event
Members: Melissa Dunbar, Bobby Hodge, John Kalliel, Emily Chiasson, Sarah DiCioccio


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