Brenna Eagan, Senior of the Week

Our final featured senior is… me! I’m the graduating V.P. of Media and Marketing, Brenna Eagan, writing my 30th and final blog post on behalf of SAA.

I joined SAA at the start of my freshman year and served on the community service and newsletter committees. During both semesters of my sophomore year, I served as the Newsletter Chair. Inspired to take on more leadership, I decided to run for the Executive Board Liaison position. Over the course of that year, the e-board and I felt it was time to establish a Vice President of Media and Marketing position, which I filled for my fourth and final year in SAA. Additionally, I was able to attend four District 1 Conferences at UMass Amherst, UConn, WPI, and Bryant and one CASE ASAP National Convention in Indianapolis.

I’ve been running this blog, as well as Facebook and Twitter, all year – and now I confidently turn it over to the new V.P. of Media and Marketing, Emily Chiasson. It has been a pleasure serving in this role and I’ll miss every part of it, almost as much as I’ll miss all of you. Thanks!

Senior of the Week Brenna Eagan (center) in Indianapolis for the 2012 CASE ASAP National Convention.

Senior of the Week Brenna Eagan (center) in Indianapolis for the 2012 CASE ASAP National Convention.

Age: 22

Hometown: Hadley, MA (say it with me, e-boarders – “I’m from Hadley!”)

Major: Journalism with a minor in Communication Studies

Co-ops: Copywriter at Hasbro, Inc. and Media Relations Assistant at Northeastern University.

Favorite ‘90s tv show?
Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

What is your favorite movie?
I am obsessed with The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I was that weird girl in middle school who wore “the precious” around her neck…

Favorite Harry Potter character?
Sirius Black. Handsome, dangerous, turns into a dog – what’s not to love?!

What are 5 things that every Northeastern student should cross off their bucket list?
1. Join SAA!
2. Dress up as Paws
3. Memorize every stop on the Green Line
4. Meet the Homecoming Comedian
5. Explore Boston (I recommend through food)

How has SAA contributed to your Northeastern experience?
I have made so many great friends through SAA that I would not have even met otherwise. Joining SAA was one of the best decisions I made at Northeastern, and I’m even happier that I ran for e-board. I’ve had the opportunity to meet celebrities, travel across the country, and attend more events at Northeastern than I ever thought possible. 

How do you hope to give back to the Northeastern community as an alumna?
I definitely plan on coming back any time I’m invited by SAA or OAR! I’d also love to hire co-ops some day, provided I am actually employed myself. 


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