Christina Care, Senior of the Week

One of this week’s featured seniors is… Christina Care!

Christina joined SAA at the beginning of the Fall 2012 semester. Although she was not part of the group for very long, she has quickly become a valued member. Eager to take on a leadership role, Christina served as the chair of the buddy committee during her first semester. Thanks to a close bond with her buddy family (Emily Russell, Ashley Hallman, and December grad Victoria Hines), she was named one of the Buddiest of Buddies at Fall Final Dinner.

It may have been brief, but we are so glad you were a part of SAA. We will miss you, Christina!

Senior of the Week Christina Care with V.P. of Finance Maria Caudle.

Senior of the Week Christina Care with V.P. of Finance Maria Caudle.

Age: 21

Hometown: Wingdale, NY

Major: International Affairs

Co-ops: Wellington Management, Goldman Sachs

What is your favorite SAA event?

If you had a jet to take you anywhere in the world, what would your first stop be?
My first stop would be the Amalfi Coast in Italy – hands down the most beautiful place in the world.

What is your favorite Disney movie?

What is your favorite New England cuisine?

How has SAA contributed to your Northeastern experience?
I love SAA! I have made so many wonderful friends and I have done really wonderful things with this group! From Retreat, to the 5 Under 25 series, to volunteering, I feel like I have given a lot to the school with SAA and got so much back.

How do you hope to give back to the Northeastern community as an alumna?
I really enjoyed my time at Northeastern and I hope to remain a part of the community after I graduate. I hope to participate in SAA events after graduation and hopefully to work with NU co-ops again someday!


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