Marissa Florio, Senior of the Week

This week’s featured senior  is… Marissa Florio!

Marissa became a member of SAA as a freshman and joined the Spirit Committee. During her second semester, she took on more responsibility and helped chair the College of Science 5 Under 25 with the Alumni Relations Committee. She also chaired the COS 5 Under 25 again the next year and co-chaired the first annual Connecting Huskies to Huskies Networking Night. During her third year, she remained in the Alumni Relations Committee. Marissa’s great participation record earned her a spot at District 1 Conference last year at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Thank you, Marissa, for your hard work and dedication to SAA!

Marissa Florio, Senior of the Week

Marissa Florio, Senior of the Week dressed up as Paws for the Office of Alumni Relations’ annual Family Day at Fenway!

Age: 21

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Major: Psychology with minors in International Affairs and Spanish

Co-ops: US Attorney’s Office of MA

What is your favorite Disney movie?
The Lizzie McGuire Movie … that counts, right?

Mac or PC?
Mac 4 lyfe.

Who is your celebrity crush?
John Mayer.

Where is your favorite place in Boston?
The HarborWalk on the waterfront.

How has SAA contributed to your Northeastern experience?
Joining SAA my first month of freshman year was one of the best decisions I could have made. Because of SAA, I’ve become extremely involved in the Northeastern community through events like Homecoming. I’ve also met a lot of amazing people I otherwisewouldn’t have gotten to know. It’s been a great benefit both socially and professionally – what more could I ask!

How do you hope to give back to the Northeastern community as an alumnus?
AsMy closest friends will still be here for the next 2-3 years, so
Northeastern shouldn’t expect to be rid of me quite yet! I’ll
certainly be visiting as much as possible. I also worked at the
Northeastern Telefund for a short while, so I know the importance of
giving back and donating to the university. I feel like Northeastern
has given me so much over the past three years, from academic
opportunities (I studied abroad three summers!) to lifelong friends. I
will be certain to give back and continue to stay involved with the
university and the community once I’ve left campus.


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