Catalyst Project – Teach for America School Supplies

Teach For America is a growing movement of leaders who work to ensure that children growing up in poverty get an excellent education. Recently we have discovered that many of those leaders are Northeastern graduates, and they are having trouble getting the funds to buy the school supplies that they need for their classrooms.


As the Student Alumni Association, we strive to serve Northeastern through community service and alumni engagement. Moved by the dedication to service that our fellow Huskies have shown, we’d like to help them in their efforts to inspire a future generation.

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For our project, we plan to purchase school supplies and assemble individual care packages to send across the country to the alumni that are involved with Teach for America. Your financial support, combined with our efforts, will help our fellow Huskies create a welcoming classroom environment for their students, while strengthening the bond between Northeastern students and our alumni community.


We seek to raise $1000 to purchase school supplies for the classrooms of Northeastern alumni participating in Teach for America. Care packages will be sent to 7 alumni recipients teaching in under-sourced school districts in Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Huntsville.

Click HERE to donate now:

Thank you in advance for your support!



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