Lauren Jodoin, Senior of the Week

As commencement draws closer, SAA (sadly) gets ready to send off its seniors. This year, we have 16 graduating members. In order to give them all the recognition they deserve, the Media & Marketing committee is going to feature each of them on our blog.

Our first featured senior is a four-year member with a family legacy in SAA – Lauren “LJ” Jodoin! After joining as a sophomore, she quickly took on a leadership role by chairing a 5 Under 25. During her second year in SAA, she served on the Executive Board as the V.P. of Recruitment & Retention. She attended two District Conferences and also traveled to Kansas City for the 2010 National CASE ASAP Convention, at which she presented an education session. LJ will leaving a lasting impression on SAA with her creation of the first Buddy Passport with fellow senior Lauren Bailey. Even after her graduate classes started to conflict with SAA, she has remained a dedicated, welcoming and passionate member.

On behalf of the entire SAA, we’d like to thank her for her contributions to our organization. We will miss you!

Senior of the Week Lauren Jodoin

Senior of the Week Lauren Jodoin

Age: 23

Hometown: Hooksett, New Hampshire

Major: Speech Language Pathology

When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A teacher.

Favorite ’90s TV show?
Boy Meets World.

Who would play you in a movie? Who would play your love interest?
Cameron Diaz, the crazy girl in Charlie’s Angels, would play me. My love interest would be played by Josh Harnett, my teenage crush. Ask my sister… I made a scrapbook of pictures of him when I was younger.

Green line or Orange line?
Orange for speed!

Favorite snack food?
Pirate’s Booty.

Describe your perfect day in Boston.
Breakfast at The Pour House or The Mission to load up, so I could walk around the city or people watch. Eventually I would end up in the North End for some seafood and pasta. Dessert at Cafe Vittoria in the North End for gelato and cappuchino. No, I’m notĀ Italian. I just LOVE food.

How has SAA contributed to your Northeastern experience?
I’ve met the greatest people in SAA and made lifelong friendships.

How do you hope to give back to the Northeastern community as an alumna?
I gave my senior gift of $20.13 recently to the SAA, so that more people can go to the District 1 Conference.

Some of our graduating seniors, including Lauren Jodoin (bottom right)

Some of our graduating seniors, including Lauren Jodoin (bottom right)


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