Spring Retreat

Spring Retreat

Fall Retreat has become a beloved tradition within the SAA, but not all members are able to attend. So, the e-board decided to kick off the spring semester with a shorter, but similar, event. About 30 members gathered in the Alumni Center from 12:30 to 3:30 on Saturday, January 12 for lunch, games, and team-building exercises.
VP of Recruitment and Retention Melissa Dunbar planned a fun-filled afternoon, starting with a catered Panera lunch. Then the games began – most notably, a rock-paper-scissors tournament and a round of Fall Retreat favorite “Where the Great Wind Blows.” Other activities helped members to find things in common with each other, and also allowed new members to meet those who had been away on co-op or studying abroad. A new and unique exercise had groups working together to reproduce a picture by tracing on each others’ backs – with mixed results.
Whether or not Spring Retreat becomes an annual occurrence, the attendees definitely enjoyed this day of bonding before the usual chaos of the semester sets in. Here’s to a successful Spring 2013!


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